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Fifty-three years ago, in January 1959, our school opened its doors to 74 Afrikaans learners. The staff consisted of Mr. T. Geldenhuys (principal), Mesdames Groeneward and Fourie (teachers), and Mr. Fourie (caretaker).

On 10 September 1959, the name Primere Skool Voorpos was officially accepted.

In 1974 Mr. Geldenhuys retired and Mr. J.J. Raats was appointed principal. In 1981 he was suceede by Mr. J. Lotter.

Although Voorpos catered for the needs of the Afrikaans-speaking community in the area, it did not develop into a large school. One of the reasons for this was that it did not have a high school attached to it. During the late eighties and early nineties learner intake dropped dramatically and the School Governing Body was forced to amend the school policy.

In 1994 an applied was lodged with the Department of Education for the medium of instruction to be changed to that of a dual-medium school.  Permission was granted and in 1996 Voorpos accepted its first English speaking learners.

Mr. Lotter retired at the end of 1997 and Mrs. E.M Swatz replaced him as principal. Although the learner intake increased considerably in the years to follow, the number of Afrikaans-speaking learners was rapidly decreasing. In 2007 it was eventually decided that the dual medium status of the school was no longer viable and Laerskool Voorpos underwent a complete transformation to an English-medium primary school.

At the end of 2007, Mrs. Swartz was promoted to EDO and at the end of 2008 Mr. A. Matthee was appointed principal of Voorpos Primary School.

Half a century later, we boast a staff of more than 40 members, offering quality education to approximately 700 learners.

The face of Voorpos may have changed, but the flame of knowledge, as symbolised in our school badge , is steadfastly being passed on to each new generation of learners who pass through our doors.

Academically, culturally and on the sports field, Voorpos has become a force to be rekoned with.

Our story has truly been one of perseverance...