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All learners, parents and staff members must stand together to make the following Non-Negotiable(s) a reality.
By doing this we will be creating a Voorpos Culture that we all can be proud off.

1.           GREETING

    1. Learners to greet educators, parents, visitors and fellow learners with respect.
    2. Learners to stand up when greeting educators.

2.           RESPECT

    1. Learners to be respectful to educators, parents, visitors and fellow learners.
    2. Let ladies/girls walk first when entering a passage or class.
    3. Learners are not allowed to talk while educators are talking to each other or teaching.
    4. Learners to keep quiet when there is a visitor in the class.


    1. All educators must enforce this policy. This includes hair, earrings, clothing and personal hygiene.


    1. Must be kept clean at all times.
    2. Learners to throw papers in drums.
    3. Learners must not make a noise in the toilets.

5.           COMMITMENT

    1. When a learners has committed him/her to a extra mural activity, he/she must keep to that commitment.
    2. Educators must encourage learners to participate by showing commitment to their Extra Mural activity.

6.           BUILDING

    1. No learners in passages before/after school and during break-times.
    2. No running in passages.
    3. Learners to walk quietly when leaving the class or building.

7.           LEADING OFF

    1. Learners must lead of class by class and grade by grade in the mornings.  Educators to accompany their classes every morning.
    2. Learners must be dismissed from class orderly and educators must stand by the door or accompany them to where they are going.
    3. Learners can not be left alone in classroom.

8.           GENERAL
These non-negotiable(s) do not replace the school policies but must be used to compliment them. The systems that are in place must be followed by all to make a success of the Discipline System of Voorpos Primary.

Compiled by the Staff of Voorpos Primary